Immigration To Canada

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. The eastern part of the country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the western part – Pacific Ocean, and the north by the northern icy ocean. Canada is the second largest country in the world by its total area. It has only one neighbor – United States of America. It is bordered by the US state of Alaska to the west. Canada is a very attractive country for tourists by his historical heritage. Such as Quebec historic district, Old Town of Luneburg, Algonquin, Nahyan, Dinosaurs and Rocky Mountain National Parks.

Why Choose Canada? 

  • A high quality of life with enormous opportunities
  • Doesn’t require the applicant or his/her spouse to meet any language requirements
  • Excellent education system
  • Very close relationship to the USA and NAFTA markets
  • One of the best health-care systems in the world
  • Opportunity to Apply for the Canadian citizenship after 4 years of permanent residency
  • Visa free travel to approximately 170 countries in the world, as Canadian passport is deemed to be one of the strongest passports in the world
  • Many government programs to support technological development and business
  • Perfect place to do business and settle in with the family
  • Superb environment and strict environmental control




Located in the continent of North America, Canada shares land borders with only one country, United States of America.




Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy




Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)


9,984,670 km2

Time Zone

(UTC-3.5 to -8) | Summer (DST) (UTC-2.5 to -7)

Canada Start-Up Visa Program (TSUV)

Team Immigration Services’ – Canada Start-Up Visa Program (TSUV) is a Canadian Permanent Residence program administered by the federal government of Canada. It targets international entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build innovative and globally competitive businesses in Canada, which can create jobs for Canadians.

The applicant must receive support from a designated organization, which is approved to invest in or support possible Start-Ups (venture capital fund, business incubator or angel investor). Team Immigration Services will submit applications in groups of 3-4 people.

TSUV Benefits:

  • Easy to obtain a work permit if the applicant wants to come to Canada before PR issuance
  • Applicant age is max 65years (vs 55years in the Business Incubator Stream)
  • Letter of Support can be obtained quicker and easier
  • More stream-lined federal visa processing


  • Have moderate proficiency in English or French (minimum CLB5 in all categories);
  • Receive a Letter of Support from the designated organization;
  •  Create and provincially incorporate a qualifying business 

Step 1: Review Applicant’s Qualifications:
Team Immigration Services performs an initial review and acceptance.
Team Immigration Services will need following documents electronically (e.g. via email):

  • Passport for each family member (include visa’s)
  • Passport-size Digital photo
  • Residence visa (if residing outside country of citizenship)and status in country of residence
  • English and/or French language assessment for the principal applicant
  • Resume and reference letters for the principal applicant
  • Net worth statement and supporting net worth documents
  • Personal financial statements for the past 3 years (include bank statements)
  • Income tax return from last tax year (personal and business, if applicable)
  • Proof of education (degree, diplomas)
  • Proof of business management, ownership, or entrepreneurship experience if applicable
  • TeamImmigrationServices’ Professional Services Agreement, completed and signed by the
    applicant or agent (via Power of Attorney).

The initial fee will be due upon confirmation of the applicant’s qualification for the program and the
signing of the Professional Services Agreement.

Step 2: Match the Applicant with a Designated organization(Angel Investor/Incubator)

Once it’s determined that the applicant qualifies for the TSUV, Team Immigration Services will prepare a
business concept for the applicant, based on the applicant’s background and experience, and with the input
and collaboration of the applicant. Team Immigration Services will present the business concept to a
designated organization(Angel Investor/Incubator), along with the applicant’s resume and
background information. The application and business concept will be reviewed, and the designated
organization(Angel Investor/Incubator), will interview the applicant virtually. This interview will
confirm whether the client understand the business concept, and seems to be capable of executing it .
Team Immigration Services will prepare the applicant for this interview by means of different multimedia

For detailed criteria please contact us.

Step 3: Receive a Letter of Support:

Once the designated organization(Angel Investor/Incubator),approves the applicant’s business, they
will agree to invest min. $75,000 in the business, and will issue a Letter of Support to the applicant.
This Letter of support is required for the federal application.

At this time, the applicant’s final payment will be due.

Step 4: Submit the Permanent Residence Application:

The agent will prepare the complete federal file, should send it to Team Immigration Services for
review. All documents must be submitted exactly as described in the IMM5760e Document

Federal forms (IMMxxxx) must be original, but all supporting documents should be certified true copies
(or certified translations, as applicable).

Note that documentation submitted to the Government will not be returned to the applicant, so please
do not submit original supporting documents(such as original birth certificates).
It’s important that the applicant keeps a complete copy of his/her application, for future reference.

Team Immigration Services will add a cover letter, highlighting the positive points of the application,
and will send the complete federal file (including federal fees)to the Centralized Intake Office for
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Team Immigration Services will be the paid IMM5476 representative on the file, and will monitor
it’s processing process.

The applicant will be responsible for paying the federal processing fees and permanent residency fees.

IRCC will review the documents, and also conduct the medical and security background checks. Federal
processing times may vary by applicant and country of origin, but are approximately 15 months(It
depends on Covid-19).

In the highly unlikely event that the applicant is refused by IRCC, Team Immigration Services will (at no
additional cost to the applicant) undertake a Judicial Review and explore all other legal options to have
the file approved.

Step 5: Submit the Work Permit Application (optional):

If the applicant wishes to come to Canada right away, s/he must be deemed essential to the project to be
eligible to apply for a Work Permit.

All essential members of the group that want to apply for a Work Permit should apply at the same time.
Non-essential members of the project must wait for their PR applications to be approved before traveling
to Canada.

Team Immigration Services will facilitate the federal Work Permit application process to IRCC.(the applicant is responsible for paying the federal processing fees).

Once the Work Permit is received, the applicant and his/her family will come to Canada and operate the
business while awaiting PR.

Step 6: Land and Establish the Business:

Upon receiving the Permanent Resident Visa, the applicant must send a copy of the principal
applicant’s Visa to Team Immigration Services.

Upon landing in Canada as Permanent Residents, the family will have access to the free public school system and healthcare.

At the time of Permanent Residence issuance:
      – The applicant must provide active/ongoing management of the business from within Canada;
–    – Essential business operations must happen in Canada;
      – The business must be incorporated in Canada.

The designated organization (Angel Investor/Incubator) will provide support to the applicant for 6
months after landing:
– Business consulting to start the business
– Mentoring
– Access to capital
– Networking opportunities and events

The Permanent Resident Visa is not conditional on the new business reaching and benchmark for
profitability, job creation or additional investment.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, Francisation et Integration, announced that the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) will continue to remain on hold.  The QIIP has been on hold for close to a year and half, as the Province conducts a review of the program, and works on modifications and improvements.  The announcement allows for the program to be on hold until March 31 2023, we believe that the Province will publish regulatory updates for the QIIP well in advance of this date.

If you are interested in the Program – once it reopens; please contact us and we will be sure to contact you once an announcement is made. 


The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program continues to be Canada’s most popular business immigration program.  It remains as the only “passive” investor immigration program in Canada, and the only business immigration program which does not require the applicant’s active involvement in the management of a Canadian business. 


If you have any questions about the QIIP announcement, or would like us to send you the details of all the programs we offer, please let me know.



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